Europa Oil & Gas

PEDL299 (Hardstoft)The East Midlands


Licence PEDL299
Europa interest 25% (conventional prospectivity only)
Partners INEOS 50% (operator), Upland 25%
Area km2 85.095
Basin East Midlands
Play Dinantian limestone (conventional)
Term Initial


This is a one block (SK46c) licence located west of Mansfield, Derbyshire.

PEDL299 contains the Hardstoft oil field. This was discovered in 1919 by the UK’s first ever exploration well and produced 26,000 barrels of oil from Carboniferous limestone reservoir. A CPR on Hardstoft, issued by joint venture partner Upland Resources, identified gross 2C contingent resources of 3.1 million boe and gross 3C contingent resources of 18.5 million boe in PEDL299. Production testing methodologies for carbonate reservoirs have evolved since 1919, which has the potential to allow commercial oil flowrates to be obtained.

INEOS has all the rights and obligations relating to unconventional oil and gas plays (‘shale gas’ and ‘shale oil’).