Europa Oil & Gas

PEDL180 (Wressle)The East Midlands


Licence PEDL180
Europa interest 30%
Partners Egdon 30% (operator), Union Jack 27.5%, Humber Oil & Gas 12.5%
Area km2 60
Basin East Midlands
Play Carboniferous (conventional)
Term Part 2 of phase 1

The Wressle oil discovery straddles PEDL180 and PEDL182. It lies 5km southeast of, and along the same structural trend as, the Europa-operated Crosby Warren field which has been producing oil for almost 30 years. The field was discovered by the Wressle-1 conventional exploration well which was drilled to a total depth of 2,240m (1,814m TVDSS) on 23 August 2014. Petro-physical evaluation of MWD (measurement whilst drilling) log data indicated over 30m measured thickness of potential hydrocarbon pay in three main intervals:

Ashover Grit – up to 6.1m measured thickness of potential hydrocarbon pay

  • Wingfield Flags – up to 5.64m
  • Penistone Flags – up to 19.8m

Four intervals were tested between February & March 2015 flowing an aggregate 710 boepd during testing operations:

  • Ashover Grit – 80 bopd and 47 thousand cubic feet of gas per day (mcfd), free flow;
  • Wingfield Flags – up to 182 bopd and 0.456 million cubic feet of gas per day (mmcfd), free flow;
  • Penistone Flags zone 3 – up to 1.7 mmcfd and up to 12 bopd, free flow;
  • Penistone Flags zone 3a – 77 bopd, swabbed

The results facilitated the design of an Extended Well Test (EWT) programme to quantify the production levels that could be attained from pumped production. Reservoir engineering analyses indicate an initial production flow rate of 500 bopd gross from the Ashover Grit interval. A CPR was issued on 26 September 2016 which identified gross 2P reserves on the Wressle structure of 0.65 mmboe in the Ashover and Wingfield Flags and gross 2C contingent resources of 1.86 million boe in the Penistone Flags. The EWT provided the basis for the Field Development Plan (FDP) which was submitted on 8 September 2016.

Works to reconfigure the site for production commenced at the end of July 2020, production is expected in H2 2020.