Europa Oil & Gas


Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) plc is an AIM-listed exploration and production company focused on building a balanced portfolio of producing, appraisal and exploration assets in the UK, Atlantic Ireland and West Africa with minimal emissions, whilst also looking to repurpose legacy UK wells for geothermal energy generation.

Europa’s objective is to participate actively in the national energy transition to sustainable renewables. The UK Government recognises that delivering a low-carbon future will be achieved by protecting infrastructure already present in the UK Continental Shelf through continued activity. Hydrocarbons are considered a key pillar of the UK Government’s Energy Security Strategy, with domestic production of oil and gas projects continuing to garner strong support.

Significantly, the UK Government is committed to providing additional investment for the North Sea industry, where Europa has farmed-in to the Serenity block. The UN has forecast a global oil supply gap during transition to net zero and finding additional domestic reserves is essential to reduce UK imports and global emissions, providing greater accountability and transparency of emissions to accelerate net zero.

Europa is well-placed to continue its exploration, production and appraisal of existing onshore and offshore UK assets, alongside the Company’s project in Ireland, whilst approximately 93 barrels of oil per day are currently produced from three of Europa’s UK oilfields as well as net 225bopd with the development at Wressle.

Run by a highly experienced Board and management team with an extensive knowledge of the oil and gas sector and a proven track record of project monetisation, Europa remains focused on generating substantial shareholder value.