Europa's objective is to generate substantial shareholder value by finding and producing oil and gas. To increase the probability of success whilst managing risk, a disciplined approach to the management of the Company's hydrocarbon assets is applied at all stages of the life of a licence. The Company is committed to taking commercial decisions on the entire asset base with management focused on exiting projects at the point of maximum value for investors through the rigid application of a drill, drop, dilute or divest policy. Europa's highly prospective exploration portfolio is actively managed with each project being subjected to first class technical as well as commercial analysis allowing management to make informed decisions on whether individual projects ought to be pushed down the exploration and production funnel or out of it.

Management recognises the need to continually repopulate and replenish the asset base with new licences as existing projects are progressed along the development curve. An acceptable risk/reward profile for an individual project depends on its impact on the overall portfolio, the balance of assets at the time and the objective of the Company. Industry leading portfolio management methodologies are deployed to ensure the risk/reward trade- off inherent in the portfolio is transparent to ensure shareholder value is maximised.

Europe is the current geographic focus. However management is prepared to evaluate and acquire quality assets wherever they become available preferably in countries that are politically stable, have transparent licensing processes, and offer acceptable commercial terms.